Paws and Love began because of the need to provide a safe permanent home to a group of community cats in NC.  We take in displaced cats and have them spayed/neutered, combo tested for FIV and FeLV,  they receive their rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. They are then released into a safe environment where they are provided with quality food, medical care, shelter, and lots of love. Some of our cats are well socialized and can be adopted, or remain with their colony mates. Others have had limited or no human contact and they prefer to live a “feral” life, which is perfectly fine with us.  We also take in community cats that are abandoned or homeless. Many of these are kittens that have been dumped or orphaned. They are then bottle fed at the rescue house where they will await transitioning to their “purr”manent loving adoptive home. Regardless of their background, all cats are given the love and attention they desire and deserve. 
We are also committed to spreading awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering pets through low cost clinics throughout our community. Together we can stop unwanted litters, and work to keep community cats safe. We are able to do this through the generous donations from our friends and businesses in our area. Ask us how your donations can help sponsor a community cat…

Paws and Love, Inc. is  able to provide trapping services in certain circumstances.

Make a Difference….BE THE CHANGE!!! 


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