Each and every month we rely on our sponsors to make donations so that we may provide our cat and kittens with the best medical care, food, shelter and socialization possible. We know that many people would like the opportunity to help save a cat but just do not have the time. Through your generous donations, we are able to continue our mission, which is to give cats the quality of life they deserve. We take in cats from all walks of life and for some this requires extensive medical care, which adds to our growing vet bills. To set up recurring donations you may use the link below. 


Ways your money helps Paws and Love kitties

  • $10 pays for ONE cat to get their rabies vaccine
  • $25 pays for combo testing for ONE cat
  • $50 pays for 2 bags of cat food
  • $75 pays one female cat
  • $100 allows us to neuter 2 male cats
  • $200 provides flea treatments for 15 cats for one month

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